Martinson Realtors is a private held company established, after year of developing & maintaining the company “MISSION” to accrue to the successful stage of our “VISION”. Martinson Realtors (MR) has famously be know across the nation. we are proud to have recovered recognition across the nation as a reputation which serve as inspiration to motivate investors and other agents in the industry.

Martinson Realtors is Nigeria most comprehensive property company, focused on empowering people with the resources they need to make better-informed property decisions. we help consumers both find their next home and research the market by combining hundreds of thousands of property listing with market data, local information and community tools.

Martinson Realtors is owned and maintained by King Olufemi Martins (The Royal king) after many researches and inspiration to provide adiquate and satisfied standard of living according to his ambitions.

“I’d always wants to give my people a reliable standard of living, just at an affordable price. – CEO/FOUNDER Oba Olufemi Martins ”

“Due to high Rate of poor standard of living, I was inspired to minimise and Maximise hight standard of living at a friendly price rate – CEO/FOUNDER Oba Olufemi Martins ”

We provide standard housing and properties at a very low price you’ll never find else were, we have comfortable house and other properties such as office space, shops & Residential properties such as condominium, single family house, villa with other apartment buildings in estates & GRA’s.we also have comfortable rantage properties with high security and insurance rate. please refer to our TENANT FAQ & INSURANCE RATE GUIDE for more information. we don’t stress but guide our tenant throughout their journey with us, this makes us stand unique in the realtors industry.

At Martinson Realtors, we are fans of transparency and everything we do is aimed at making the market more efficient for both property consumers and advertisers alike. Martinson Realtors has rapidly become NIGERIA leading Online Destination for property consumers to search for home and do their market research with favoured online marketing partner for Nigeria estate agents.

Martinson Realtors is part of Martins Investments Group LTD which has highly experienced management Team lead by KING Olufemi Martins. Getting either rantage or sales properties with Martinson Realtors could be high advantage chance as our company would work closely and friendly with you all through, to provide standard and accurate customer satisfaction of support service.

The Company will continue to deepens it’s innovation, perfect management, improvement of properties environment that meet the market demand. we are determined to be innovative, progressive, honest, reputation-honoring and environment-friendly so as to better serve the society.

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